Brian livesey

After backpacking through Europe and spending time in the Navy, Brian joined R&R Hardwood in early 2017. His passion for hardwood flooring combined with his focus and demand for perfection insures flawless results on every project. After sanding thousands of square feet, Brian is still as much in love with hardwoods as he was when he first began this journey. 

When Brian’s not running the sander, you’ll either spot him at a coin show or can catch him fishing every chance he gets.


Kenton reichen

Kenton is a highly acclaimed hardwood flooring professional who specializes in hardwood floor refinishing and installation.

After spending his early years training in Vancouver, BC, in 2012 Kenton decided to start a hardwood floor company in Buffalo, NY. His success comes from advanced training and innovative sanding techniques, which translate to flawless results. 

When he isn’t restoring hardwoods, you can catch him playing tennis or exploring the west coast on his motorcycle.